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Quality Certification Services

QCS is pleased to announce the availability of an ELISA Proficiency Program for laboratories. Contributors to the development of the program and its guidelines included National DHIA and QCS staff, National DHIA Board of Directors, laboratory professionals, dairy producers, DHIA service affiliate managers, and industry professionals.

Guidelines for the program can be accessed through the link below. Laboratories are encouraged to review them in detail, however a few key points include:

  1. This program provides for monthly on-line submission of results from the analysis of milk samples with unknown values, along with retrieval of performance reports through the same method.

  2. This program is independent of test-kit provider and users of test kits from various vendors are all welcome to participate.

  3. Results will be analyzed for both qualitative and quantitative results.

  4. The program was designed as a broad based ELISA Proficiency Program, however the initial focus will be MAP.

  5. This program is open to any laboratory performing ELISA on milk samples – including DHIA, microbiology and diagnostic laboratories. Participants do not need to be affiliated with a DHIA organization.

  6. Results of laboratories meeting proficiency guidelines will be published as such.

The ELISA Proficiency Program will launch in January 2010. All laboratories that wish to participate should review the guidelines and complete the application on the final page. 

ELISA Proficiency Program Guidelines & Application

By completing and submitting the application, labs are requesting that Samples Unknown Monthly Test Panels be provided to their laboratory. As indicated in the Program Guidelines, Monthly Test Panels will be provided during the third calendar week of each month. Panels will be provided, and laboratories will be billed by Antel BioSystems, Inc. on a pro-rated annual basis, beginning in January, using the month of the application for the computation of fees. Annual cost to receive test panels is $420 for US customers. Re-test panels will be available for purchase at $35/set as needed.

Specific questions, comments, or requests for clarification may be directed to:

Steven Sievert, Manager, Quality Certification Services
Todd Byrem, Director, Antel BioSystems, Inc.
Jay Mattison, CEO/Administrator, National HIA/QCS




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