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Over the next couple days we plan on upgrading our online reporting site to better serve our customers. You may notice changes in how things operate and appear, but your results should not be affected. If you experience any difficulties or issues please send your concerns to

We’ve Moved!

In April, NorthStar Cooperative, Inc. purchased a new facility in Grand Ledge, Michigan that has since been transformed into an advanced milk analysis laboratory. This new facility signifies the unity of Universal Lab Services and Antel BioSystems which will now be called the NorthStar Michigan Laboratory. All samples for component and supplemental animal health testing should be sent to our new address:

NorthStar Michigan Laboratory
1163 Comet Lane
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

They Can’t Tell You Why They’re Open…

Determining why cows are open continues to be one of the most common and frustrating issues producers face. Without reproductive success, animal health and farm profitability decrease. With this in mind, AntleBio offers the ability to easily check for a variety of health conditions that may be impacting a herd’s pregnancy rate. The American Dairymen recently published an article addressing how AntelBio can tell you what your cows can not. To read more click here.

Blood Pregnancy Testing Offers Quick Results

With a goal of providing fast and flexible diagnostic testing options, we recently added blood pregnancy testing to our offerings. A time-tested technology, the highly accurate blood pregnancy test is effective from 28 days post-breeding and throughout gestation. Blood pregnancy testing improves producer’s productivity through fast and comprehensive results. Sent within 24 hours of sample receipt, producers are able to breed back open cows quicker than ever before, effectively reducing days open and improving your bottom line! To learn more about blood pregnancy testing and sample submission click here.


DNA Testing For Mastitis

More and more producers are turning to advanced technology to address a historical dairy industry issue, mastitis! DNA-based testing for mastitis can provide detection in ways that traditional culture can’t, and enables a variety of strategic testing programs. These include high somatic cell count targeted testing; bulk tank or group surveillance; fresh cow evaluations and hospital pen follow-up. To find out more about mastitis detection tools that NorthStar offers click here.

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