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IDEXX and AntelBio Introduce a Milk-based Pregnancy Test for Dairy Herds – October 10, 2012 - The strategic alliance of IDEXX and Antel BioSystems (AntelBio) announced at World Dairy Expo the development and validation of a milk pregnancy test that can be run on DHI samples. The launch of the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test is the first milk-based test for improving efficiency of reproductive programs in dairy herds. The ELISA test uses pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs) to determine pregnancy status, providing results comparable to traditional methods, while minimizing animal handling. With a high level of sensitivity and specificity from ≥35 days post-breeding, producers can work with dairy herd improvement (DHI) organizations to get accurate detection of open cows.

“We have done a lot of exciting things at AntelBio to unearth the wealth of information hidden in milk samples. Our work in developing milk assays for a number of critical animal health issues ranging from Johne’s to BVD has continued to provide tools to producers to effectively manage their herd,” says Todd Byrem, Ph.D., Director, AntelBio. “From the beginning, the goal has been pregnancy testing in milk. We know from working with dairy producers that the most important routine information on the farm is reproductive status. Being able to gather that type of information noninvasively, without additional labor or stress on the cow, is a win for both the producer and the animal.”

Milk pregnancy testing will be most effective in herds with accurate breeding and AI records with regular DHI test intervals. The milk test is best suited for pregnancy confirmation and implementation on farm can occur in various ways. Herd managers can identify cows to test on an individual basis, or by working with their DHI specialist, a routine sampling program can be established which will identify all cows within a certain window post-breeding to be tested on DHI test day – making pregnancy confirmation nearly automatic. If testing is required between routine test days, producers can submit special samples to the DHI lab.

Chemical based pregnancy testing has been available to producers for several years, and the milk test is the next step in gathering important herd information without invasive techniques and additional labor or animal handling. The milk pregnancy test easily integrates into routine DHI testing and will be available through NorthStar Cooperative to producers in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin beginning November 1, 2012. Availability through other DHI labs will continue throughout the year.

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